GoSync is a free app, which is mainly to sync activity data like walking, running, cycling and swimming from your wearable devices to your Google Fit and other fitness platform. Before you start to sync data, you need to connect your wearable device account with your fitness platform account. While creating the connection, we will need your permission to access your wearable device and fitness platform account. Without your permission, we won’t proceed the data sync operation.

Once successfully connected, GoSync works automatically. When you finish an activity like walking, running, cycling or swimming with your wearable devices, GoSync will update the received data to your fitness platform account.

We definitely respect and protect your privacy when you use GoSync. Please view our Privacy Policy. You can disconnect any connected links by clicking "Disconnect" on GoSync. Once disconnected, we will stop proceeding the data sync operation. You can also cease the permission by clicking "deauthorize" on GoSync Settings page. Once deauthorized, we will stop requesting and reading your activity data and stop updating your information to fitness platform.

Please try GoSync as you like, and if you run into any problem while using it, you can contact us at gosync4u@gmail.com.

Currently supported wearable devices are Garmin, HUAWEI. More branded wearable device will be supported soon.

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