Health Data Sync Supported Within GoSync!


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Health Data Sync Supported Within GoSync!


Here’s the good news for everyone using and would use GoSync! The new version of GoSync (v1.1.2 for Android, v1.0.2 for iOS) is supporting to synchronize health data, such as all-day heart rate, steps, blood pressure, blood glucose, blood oxygen saturation and sleep data as well.


To start synchronizing health data from wearable devices to fitness platform, you will need to update GoSync app to the new version first and to authorize both your wearable devices account and fitness platform account again.


· Here are the steps to update GoSync to the new version:

1) Go to Google Play store for Android user or looking for update in iOS App Store. If you have installed an earlier version of GoSync, you will see “Update” button, click it, and wait until it’s finished. If you haven’t installed yet, you will see “Install” button so simply click to install GoSync.


2)  For Android user, you can also choose to download the new version from our website directly. 


(click to download)


Note: It's suggested to uninstall the app if you would like to install it from our website directly.


· Authorize GoSync to access your wearable device account and fitness platform account:

1) Firstly, deauthorize both your wearable device account and fitness platform account on the settings page within GoSync.



2) Then authorize to connect:



3) Note: if you are new to GoSync, you can view the guidelines on our website.


After connecting your wearable device to the fitness platform, GoSync will start to work. There will be 30 mins or more delay until you can view your health data within fitness platform. Here's health data synced to Google Fit:



Currently, only Huawei wearable device is supported to synchronize health data to Google Fit.